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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. How do I find parts on your web site... ?
  2. What is the best shaver ... ?
  3. Where do I send my shaver for repair and how long will it take ... ?
  4. How much does it cost to repair my shaver ... ?
  5. Can I install batteries in my shaver... ?
  6. What is the advantage of using an electric shaver over a razor blade ... ?
  7. Why does the foil on my shaver wear out so fast ... ?
  8. How often should I change the heads, foils and cutters of my shaver ... ?
  9. About Refurbished Products ... ?
  10. What is the definition of the terms you use... ?
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How do I find parts on your web site... ?

Enter the Store, Click: Shop in Our Online Store

Use the "Product Search" to find parts for your product.
If you have the part number enter it or Enter the model or type number found on your shaver or appliance.
For best results only enter one word or set of numbers.
Enter the body of the model or item number, if your model number is 5585/U only enter 5585, leave out hyphens and slashes.

If your model number search does not show any results the number you are entering may be wrong please re-check it, for example an "8" and "B" look the same as well as an "I" and "1".  If you still do not get any results parts may or may not be available, please contact us and we will provide further information.

Contact Us 

Please Note:
The same model number may be used by different manufacturers causing multiple matches when you do a search.
Scroll down through the list of items.  To verify that the part fits your model, click on the picture, this will provide more information and a listing of models the part will fit.

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What is the best shaver ...?

Due to all of the different beard and skin types, there is no one best shaver. Trying a shaver for at least three weeks is the only way to judge how well it is going to work for you, it takes that long for your skin and beard to adjust to the cutting system of a specific shaver.  Almost every manufacturer has a money back trial period (thirty to sixty days) so take advantage of it, use the shaver for three weeks and if you are not satisfied, return it to us or the manufacturer (depending on the manufacturers policy) for a refund minus shipping.  If you have been using a certain brand and are fairly satisfied with it's performance, I would start with the same brand, most of the new models have been improved over the older versions, then if you are not satisfied, try a different manufacturer.

I do recommend buying the higher priced models of a particular manufacturer, you get what you pay for as far as durability and shaving performance.

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Where do I send my shaver for repair and how long will it take ...?

Electric Shaver Service
Repair Dept.
315 South 11th St.
Lincoln NE 68508

Click here and fill out this form to be sent in with your shaver.

Normally we repair and ship your shaver within one week after you ok the estimate and payment is received.  If you are paying  by personal check please allow ten extra days.

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How much does it cost to repair my shaver ...?

Labor rates vary from $10.95 to $14.95 depending on make, model and nature of repairs.

Battery replacement prices:

Includes batteries, service and return shipping.

Norelco and Remington shavers $30 to $55
Braun shavers $30 to $70, most newer models require changing the circuit board and battery together.
All other brands vary between $30 to $50

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Can I install batteries in my shaver... ?

Batteries in most shavers are soldered into a circuit board, installation should be completed by qualified personnel only.  There is a fire risk if batteries are not installed properly, you can also damage the circuit board ($$$) if proper installation methods are not followed.

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What is the advantage of using an electric shaver over a razor blade ...?

Electric shavers are comfortable, quick and convenient, rechargeable shavers can be used anywhere, anytime

A razor blade removes skin along with the whiskers, electric shavers remove very little if any skin.  Many dermatologists recommend use of electric shavers because the stainless steel, platinum or gold coating on the head or foil prevents skin irritation. Dry shaving is preferred because it does not destroy the acid layer on the skin which keeps bacteria away.

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Why does the foil on my shaver wear out so fast ...?

1.   Pushing to hard while shaving, you only need light pressure to get a good shave, let the shaver do the work for you.
2.   Denting the foil by dropping the shaver or banging the foil into something will cause a hole to form, keep the foil covered by the protective cap when not in use.
3.   Taking a long time to shave, longer than 4 minutes will prematurely wear out a foil.
4.   A heavy beard will wear out a foil quicker than a soft beard

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How often should I change the heads, foils and cutters of my shaver ...?

Shop in Our Online Store to Find Shavers and Parts

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Remington Foil/Screen ShaversScreen every 6 months, Cutter(s) every 12 months
Remington Rotary ShaversHead and cutter sets every 12 months
NorelcoHead and cutter sets every 18 months
BraunScreen and cutter every 12 months
WahlScreen and cutter every 12 months
PanasonicScreen and cutter every 12 months
WindmereScreen and cutter every 12 months
GrundigScreen and cutter every 12 months
EltronScreen and cutter every 12 months
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About Refurbished Products ...?

Refurbished products are new items that are returned to the manufacturer for various reasons and then re-sold as refurbished at a much lower price.

Whenever a retail store or consumer opens a product box and it's not purchased, it can not be sold as new, it then is shipped back to the manufacturer.

If a consumer does not like the product for any reason it is returned to the store where they send it back to the manufacturer because it has been opened or slightly used.

Most manufacturers have a money back guarantee of 30 to 60 days where the product can be returned for a refund.

What does the manufacturer do to "refurbish" the product before it is resold?

Once returned to the manufacturer the product is completely checked to assure it meets all factory operational specifications and is re-tested.  The item is cleaned, sanitized and in the case of shavers the screens and cutters are replaced.  They are re-boxed in a plain package that states the item is "Refurbished" or "Factory Serviced".

Are refurbished products like new?

Refurbished products do not always come with or have the same accessories that a new unit has, i.e. storage case, cleaning brush, hair combs, oil, ect.  We try to list everything that comes with the unit in the product description however items included can vary from shipment to shipment.
Refurbished products may have scratches or other minor cosmetic defects but are functionally like new and dependable.  We receive a very small percentage (<2%) of returns due to defects because they are checked twice for proper working condition and quality.

What is the manufacturers guarantee on refurbished products?

Refurbished product guarantees vary by company.

Norelco: 1 Year Factory Warranty
Braun: 1 to 2 Year Factory Warranty
Remington: 1 Year Factory Warranty
Panasonic: 90 Day Factory Warranty
Wahl: 90 Day Factory Warranty

Warranty service can be completed at any manufacturer authorized service center nationwide, the same as a new shaver.

Is there a money back guarantee for refurbished products? provides a 30 day money back guarantee on all refurbished products.

All refurbished products may be returned within 30 days of purchase directly to for a refund. Shipping charges are not refundable, in addition there is a $5.00 restocking fee if the order was originally shipped free (we paid the shipping).  Contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number before returning, send us an email or call us with your invoice/order number to receive the RMA#.


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What is the definition of the terms you use...?

Wet/Dry: Can be used in or out of the shower, can be washed under water, can be used with shaving lotion or cream.

Cordless:  Runs on batteries only, will not operate from the cord.  If batteries are run down it will need to be charged before use.

Cord/Cordless:  Runs on batteries or runs form the cord when plugged in, will run from cord if the batteries are run down without charging it first.

Refurbished: Click Here

Foil, Screen, Head:  The metal screen over the cutter, the part that rubs on your face while shaving.

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